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One of the drugs that have a similar effect and approved by the Office of the Food and Drug Administration - is varenicline (Chantix). Varenicline comes in tablet form, which should be taken twice a day, and you need to start taking at least a week before the day on which you have planned final cessation. Once in the body, the drug acts on the brain receptors, causing you to stop getting pleasure from smoking on the physical level, which helps to cope with withdrawal symptoms. 

According to the results of clinical trials, the use of varenicline increases the chances of fully overcome the hazards of smoking and quit smoking forever about twice. Varenicline - A relatively new drug, and there are no data on whether it is possible to combine it with nicotine replacement therapy, but the manufacturer warns that the simultaneous use of varenicline and preparations containing nicotine can lead to side effects, in particular, nausea and headaches.

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For those who are unable to quit smoking by using nicotine replacement products, bupropion and varenicline, as well as those who can not take these drugs for health, there are other drugs that help to overcome the hazards of smoking, the Office approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but not designed specifically for those who quit. For example, nortripilin used in the treatment of depression, and clonidine - for lowering blood pressure.

Both these drugs are available only by prescription, and treatment with these drugs should be under the supervision of specialists in order to prevent the development of serious side effects. However, studies have shown that the use of these drugs can help to quit smoking, even though they are not included in the official list of drugs for the treatment of nicotine addiction.

Currently in clinical studies of other drugs, including rimonabant, which is also available in tablets, as well as vaccines that are injected into the body by a series of injections. Preliminary results show the high effectiveness of these drugs - they give the impression of safe and are really able to help smokers overcome the hazards of smoking, and finally get rid of this bad habit. However, to obtain approval from the Office of the Food and Drug Administration will require further analysis and clinical experiments. If the analysis is concluded that the efficiency of these drugs then the next few years they go on sale.

It should be remembered that the drugs act on all people in different ways, so those who quit using drugs, you should try several medications to identify the most effective, as well as to combine taking multiple medications, unless prohibited by doctors.